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Hey future Fulbrighters or someone interested in the Fulbright program! I decided to make this specific section for y'all because I remember when I started looking into Fulbright, I wanted to know more about the daily life of an Fulbright ETA and tips they had. Some of this information will probably be specific to Fulbright South Korea ETAs (as that is the grant I received) but there is also some other general information about Fulbright as well. I hope you find this section helpful on your own journey. 

*** Please keep in mind, during my entire Fulbright journey from finding out my Fulbright status, preparing for the grant, and the grant itself, it was during the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2022). My experiences and timelines will most likely be different from the norm since Covid-19 has affected and changed a lot of aspects to the Fulbright grant.

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