Hey future Fulbrighters or someone interested in the Fulbright program! I decided to make this specific section for y'all because I remember when I started looking into Fulbright, I wanted to know everything. Some of this information will probably be specific to Fulbright South Korea ETAs (as that is the grant I received) but there is also some other general information about Fulbright as well. I read a lot of former Fulbrighters's blogs and thought it was helpful throughout my entire Fulbright process so I hope you find this helpful as well. 

*** Please keep in mind, during my entire Fulbright journey from finding out my Fulbright status, preparing for the grant, and the grant itself, it was during the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2021). My experiences and timelines will most likely be different from the norm since Covid-19 has affected and changed a lot of aspects to the Fulbright grant.