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Quarantine Food

Hello! As someone who would be interested in what kinds of foods are given during a mandatory quarantine, I am here to provide some pictures! Some details, I am brought three meals daily (breakfast-08:30, lunch-13:00 and dinner-18:00). I have no say what so ever for the kinds of meals I am given. I know that if you have special dietary restrictions or allergies they do accommodate that but since I stated on my forms that I didn't have any, my meals are the norm. So far, I really have been liking the food. There are quite a few food items I am not familiar with but I do try and taste all of the food items at least once! I would say my favorite meals have been lunch and my least favorite meals are breakfasts. They give us so much food in a single meal that I can never finish an entire meal and always feel bad for having to throw away so much (we leave our leftovers at the front of our doors for them to pick up at every meal).

Some things I have noticed with Korean meals, almost all meals come with either soup or rice. Breakfast includes some type of salad (not a fruit salad but like a legit lettuce type of salad). The desserts we get tend to be a like literally 1-2 grapes, or 1 tomato or a single slice of apple. South Korea doesn't really do savory so almost anything that’s suppose to be savory is actually sweet tasting. The meals have been good and I have't had to go into my American food stash much!


Cheese ham sandwich, potato soup, salad, milk, grapes, cherry and creamy corn?

Cheese and ham toast, beans, salad and egg, grapes and a cherry.

French toast, potato soup, ham sausage, salad, cuties, milk and cottage cheese?

Rice congee, cheese and ham toast, salad, milk, banana, creamy corn and I honestly don't know what the beige/white thing is (tofu/chicken cream)?


Curry soup, rice, acorn jelly (brown square), white kimchi, fried chicken, mac and cheese, omelet, cutie, grape, and apple juice.

Egg, shrimp and rice omelet, salad, white kimchi, acorn jelly (brown), kimchi pancake (orange), spinach, peppers, fried fish bits, tofu skin soup, grape, slice of persimmon and apple juice.

Rice, fried pork with dipping sauce, pickles radish (pink), white kimchi, kimchi pork, pineapple, beans, mac and cheese (next to pineapple/beans), tofu skin soup, grape, cutie and orange juice.

Bibimbap (Korean rice dish - beef, bean sprouts, spinach, pickles radish, mushrooms, carrots, rice and egg underneath), marinated pork, apple juice, and grapes.


Kimchi soup, fried fish (left corner), rice with pork, pork mandu (Korean dumpling), rice cakes (next to dumpling), seaweed salad (green), white kimchi, grape juice and grapes.

Tofu skin soup, kimchi, quail eggs, pesto pasta with corn/celery, pickled radish, rice, bok choy (Chinese lettuce), carrots, beef, rice noodles, Pepsi, strawberry and persimmon.

Egg drop soup, radish rolled peppers, rice with beef, Korean pancakes (right bottom), kimchi, pesto pasta, Pepsi, tomato and persimmon.

Udon soup, pickled radish, pickled potatoes/carrots?, salad, rice, beef with veggies, kimbap (sushi rolls), Pepsi, grape and apple.


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