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So Many Documents To Complete

I have officially signed my Fulbright South Korea grant contract! Along with this contract, there were also many other document forms as well. Why are there so many documents to be read and filled out? I now remember why I get so stressed when filling out documents of any kind. I don't know half of the terminology and the documents in general just don't make senses. Reading and filling out paperwork for medical clearance forms, FBI background checks, FBI apostille, tax exceptions, foreign visas, and the list goes on. But honestly, this is a good thing because it means the Fulbright grant is starting to move forward which is pretty exciting. I had my doubts of whether Fulbright would happen for the 2020-2021 cohort or if it would be completely cancelled due to Covid. In these unprecedented times, anything could have happened and it would have been just the way it was. I know that some countries decided to cancel their Fulbright 2020-2021 year due to the mandated postponement date. I would assume those countries just didn't have the resources to try and rearrange/restructure their Fulbright programs for their grantees with the given postponement and Covid issues happening.

Currently, I'm happy that I have all of these paperwork to stress me out because it means Fulbright is moving forward. Another good sign is that many countries have given their approval for American Fulbright graduate study recipients to travel and start their grants this coming fall (2020). The United States also lifted its Global Level 4 Travel Restrictions and we are now going country by country basis. All of this is good news for the Fulbright world.


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